How We Work

We are super passionate about delivering great quality products off the highways and the byways —right to your doorstep. We value merchants who take pride in their products and strive for perfection, hence be rest assured of finding reputable brands on The LuxxeCoast. 

All of your wishlist seasonal pieces from your favourite brands can be ordered on The LuxxeCoast and via The LuxxeCoast, with great discounts for orders above specified amounts, and a doorstep delivery. 

We have achieved a balance between seeing the big picture and attending to details. In all our sourcing efforts, it is our utmost interest to look out for you, with an aim of having absolutely happy clients. 

We are always improving the quality of our services and brand selection in efforts to make our valued clients even happier! With our dedicated Bond Team, we are committed to serving you and putting a smile on your face!

Post-purchase communication is an essential part of any good service, hence we have a strong focus on building relationships with our existing clients. 

We are not just always ready to help, we are always happy to help —Please contact us if you have any questions.